Shopping Spree

Every year for Christmas my parents give us money to spend as we would like.  This has become something we look forward to and we often have the money spent in our minds before we even get it!  This year, I decided to go on a little shopping spree on Amazon.  We don’t live very close to many stores and it is just difficult to really enjoy shopping for clothes if I bring my four kids along! So I decided that Amazon was worth a shot and I was pleasantly surprised.  Here were my results:


I seriously love this cardigan.  It goes with about anything, it’s lightweight and comfortable.  My mom gave me a compliment when I first wore it, so I bought her one for her birthday!  She is not easy to buy clothes for, but she actually wore it and said that she received several compliments.  I love that it is less than $20 too!


I actually bought 4 swimsuits from Amazon so that I could try them on and send the ones back that didn’t fit right. I ended up keeping these two.  I was worried that the one piece would feel like a “granny suit” just because I am not used to one pieces, but I surprisingly love it!  The mesh gives it a bit of flare and the tummy control waist is my favorite!  I’ve worn it to a pool twice now, and it is comfortable and stays put while I am going down slides and bending over to pick up kids out of the kiddie pool.

The tankini has a really cute back and a sporty look that I love.  It was a little baggy in the chest area on me, but some of you may not have that problem… My only other complaint was that it floated up a couple times in the water.  I just sort of tucked it in and then it was better.


I really wanted some boots to wear with skinny jeans in the winter.  I bought three with the intention to send a pair back, but in the end I decided to keep all three pairs.

My favorite of the three are the ankle booties.  They are so comfortable and go with everything!  The other two are also comfortable and nice to have on snowy days.

It was fun to shop while sitting on my couch by the fire and it was easy to return the items that didn’t fit right.  Out of 8 items that I bought, I kept 6.  That felt like pretty good results to me!

A little shopping spree now and then always help me feel nice and happy!