Gratitude Journal

Have you ever tried a gratitude journal?  I have heard several people talk about them, but it wasn’t until the new year that I finally tried it out.  I have been doing one for about a month now and so far I am loving it.  I have enjoyed it for me personally to end each day reflecting on what I am grateful for.

But the real power that I have seen is with my son.  We have been doing this as a family after we do our scripture study and prayer, we then each have our own notebook and we jot down one thing we are grateful for that day.  My son can sometimes get into a habit of focusing on the bad and get into a slump of feeling sorry for himself, but I have noticed a change in his attitude recently.  There could be many factors contributing to this change, but he has really gotten into the gratitude journal and takes it seriously every night and I don’t think it is hurting his attitude.

We help write for our preschooler, but then he draws a picture of whatever it is.  Our two year old will sometimes tell us what he is grateful for that day too.  Tonight he was grateful that he could play Harry Potter and basketball.  I really feel like these little notebooks are going to be treasures for all of us.

I bought these little notebooks at the dollar store and every night when we finish reading scriptures and saying a prayer, we write one thing we are grateful for.  It was easy to throw into our bedtime routine and has been something my kids really enjoy doing.

This has made me nice and happy.