Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Dresser Makeover

I’ve mentioned my crafty sister before and I’m sure I will again and again.  She is seriously so creative and talented.  She recently bought a new house and now is gutting and remodeling it.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out!  I have asked her to take several pictures so I can add decorating ideas on this blog.  She recently refinished a dresser using Annie Sloan chalk paint and was kind enough to write a quick tutorial on how she did it.

Enjoy the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint tutorial:

Today, I want to share a tutorial on how to paint a dresser with minimal prep for maximum results.  I started with this dresser, this thing is HEAVY!! It came with two matching mirrors, which I chose not to keep.  The idea I had was to use this as my TV entertainment center.

I started by cleaning it well with TSP cleaner.  This stuff is great for cleaning grime off stuff.  It is a powder mixed with hot water.  I just wiped it down really well.

Then I took an Orbit Sander and went over the top and sides well.  The top had some damage so I sanded those areas really well.  Because I was using the Annie Sloan paint, no prep is required, but wanted a smooth surface to begin with.






After sanding I wiped the dust off really really well.  Then I just went for it.  I did not use an Annie Sloan paint brush, just a regular bristle brush.  I was surprised how easy it went on and how well it covered, but I decided to do another coat on the top.  It was a little tricky, because this paint drys fast, so I needed to work quickly to make a nice and smooth finish.

I loved how the details popped out after painting it!!

I let it dry overnight.  It was a little rough to the touch.  Not rough like sand paper, but just not a slick smooth finish.  Which I know is part of the chalk paint.  It has no sheen so it is not as slick.  After spending all of this time on the dresser, I did not want it to chip or scratch.  I used some clear Annie Sloan wax to put a good protective coat on top.  Immediately after applying this, I did not really like how it felt.  It still was not smooth and felt it would scratch too easily.  I decided to be patient and allow the wax to really cure….to my pleasant surprise as it cured, it began to really smooth out.  It is not as smooth as a newly varnished table top, but felt good.

I did not hate the hardware and mostly did not want to buy new hardware, so I decided to spray paint the original hardware white.






I took off the fabric that was behind the doors and painted the wire mesh white.  There were drawers inside the door area, but I took those out and will re-purpose with another project.  I now have shelves that will hold my DVD player, etc.

I love how it turned out!  This was my first experience of using Annie Sloan paint and I was very happy with it!!  I still have at least a half a pint left so I will be using it for another project.


(In the picture, it looks like the dresser is white with white handles, but the dresser is actually gray.  Once her house is finished and this dresser is put in her house I will update with a better finished product picture.)

I love how this turned out for my sister and I can’t wait to see it set up and being used!  I have a dresser in my living room that has been passed around in my family for several years and seeing my sister’s dresser makeover has given me the motivation to redo this dresser.  So hopefully, more dresser makeovers are to come!

Beautiful and simple DIY makeovers make me nice and happy!