Easy DIY felt flowers

My sister is the crafty one in our family.  She is seriously amazing with the things she can sew, decorate, DIY, and create.  In her guest room and guest bathroom she had these wild-colored picture frames on the wall and accent pillows against white walls and a white bedspread.  Then for an added pop of color she made these felt flowers in bright colors and used those with the frames and on the accent pillows.  She also glued them onto the shower curtain in her guest bathroom.  It was such a simple thing to add color and personality to the rooms.  We have found several other uses for these felt flowers since: little girl hair bows, holiday decorations, and other decor around the house.  I used them in this St. Patrick’s Day decoration I made and by using scrapbook paper my sister made this cute flower vase for my bathroom.









To begin you will need to cut a square from the material you are using (felt, fabric, paper, etc.).  The size of the square depends on how large you want your flower.






Now you will cut a spiral out of the square.  Just start at the edge and slowly twist it around until you get to the center of the spiral.






Now cut off the corners of the square.






This is where you can get creative: you can take the center of the spiral and start rolling it either backwards or forwards. You can play with this to see which way you like the flower.  If you roll it backwards (opposite as the spiral) the center of the flower usually ends up a bit sunken down like the yellow flower I did here.  If you roll it forward (same direction as the spiral ) then the center seems a bit higher.

OR you can start rolling it with the end of the felt instead of the center.  The green and white flowers above were rolled this way. You will still glue the petals together every few rolls and tuck the end (which is now the center of the spiral) on the bottom of the flower and glue it down.  The shape of these flowers is just a bit different than if you start rolling from the center.  Try all the different ways and see which one you prefer.






Put a small dot of glue to hold the center in place as you start twisting it.  Now, just keep twisting it around using a small dot of glue every few times around.






Once you get to the end you will tuck the last little bit on the bottom of the flower and glue the edge down.






That’s it!  Now you can begin gluing these cute flowers all over your house 😉

Fun Fact:  Did you notice my crooked pinky in that last photo??   My grandpa had weird pinkies, my mom’s are super short with big joints, mine are crooked and so are two of my four kids!