How to Organize Winter Clothes (Plus a FREE Checklist)

It’s finally starting to feel like Spring! The weather has been so nice the last few days, which means that snow is finally melting!  Our house is on a hill so a lot of the run off is going in the gutter right in front of our house.  My kids have been outside creating different paths for the water to flow in the snow, creating pools and dams, adding bridges, and floating  boats down the “river.”  They have loved it!  They’ve also been doing it barefoot, with shorts and no jacket!  I finally had them put on snow boots thinking that might keep their feet dry, but that didn’t work either.  Now their snow boots, socks and feet are completely soaked and freezing.

Seeing those soaking wet snow boots reminded me that it is ALMOST time to put away the snow stuff!!  I always love that feeling!  Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice when the kids can go out and play in the snow; but it’s even better when they can go out without having to get ready to for “extending deep-sea diving” as Ralphie put it in A Christmas Story

When you decide that you are finally safe from Spring snow storms (which in my case, living in Wyoming, is going to be June) and are ready to put away the snow clothes, here is a great way to organize and store those clothes so that you are ready for next winter:

Organize and Store your Winter Clothes for next year-

  • Begin by gathering all the current winter clothes and have kids try everything on and decide what will fit next year and what will not.
  • Anything that no longer fits either gets passed down to a younger sibling or if it is your last child that has outgrown the item then GET RID OF IT!  Either donate it, sell it, or pass it along to another family (my personal favorite option).
  • Make an inventory of the items that each child still has for next year and what items need replaced.  Click here:  winter clothes checklist for a free checklist you can print off and use for this task!
  • This is a perfect time to buy needed winter clothes for next year.  I did this last Spring, and it was seriously AMAZING to pull out the winter clothes tub and have everything the kids needed ready to go!  And I got some major deals on quality coats and snow pants when I bought them in the Spring.  I found my best deals on
  • Now that you have everything needed for each person next year, it is time to store these clothes.  I use 3 Rubbermaid Storage Totes: one for parent clothes, one for kid clothes (since I have 4 kids, I had to buy an extra large tote or you might need more than one regular sized tote), and one for extra clothes.  I only put the needed items that fit each person in the parent and kid totes.  If there were extra clothes that someone had outgrown, but wouldn’t fit the younger ones quite yet, then I put it into the “extra” tote.  I also like to layer dryer sheets in with the clothes to keep them smelling fresh and if moths are a problem where you store the totes, then moth balls might be a good idea as well.
  • Label each tote and store!  Next year on that first snow (which happened for us in SEPTEMBER!), all you need to do is grab the “kid winter clothes” tote and distribute the pile of clothes that belongs to each kid and they are ready to head out to the snow! It was so simple this year that I am wondering why I used to just throw everyone’s stuff all in the tub and then have to scramble to see what fits and then get to a store and buy things at full price!  That is crazy!

I promise that if you do this NOW, you will not regret it next winter.  In fact, I think it will make you “nice and happy!”

Shopping Spree

Every year for Christmas my parents give us money to spend as we would like.  This has become something we look forward to and we often have the money spent in our minds before we even get it!  This year, I decided to go on a little shopping spree on Amazon.  We don’t live very close to many stores and it is just difficult to really enjoy shopping for clothes if I bring my four kids along! So I decided that Amazon was worth a shot and I was pleasantly surprised.  Here were my results:


I seriously love this cardigan.  It goes with about anything, it’s lightweight and comfortable.  My mom gave me a compliment when I first wore it, so I bought her one for her birthday!  She is not easy to buy clothes for, but she actually wore it and said that she received several compliments.  I love that it is less than $20 too!


I actually bought 4 swimsuits from Amazon so that I could try them on and send the ones back that didn’t fit right. I ended up keeping these two.  I was worried that the one piece would feel like a “granny suit” just because I am not used to one pieces, but I surprisingly love it!  The mesh gives it a bit of flare and the tummy control waist is my favorite!  I’ve worn it to a pool twice now, and it is comfortable and stays put while I am going down slides and bending over to pick up kids out of the kiddie pool.

The tankini has a really cute back and a sporty look that I love.  It was a little baggy in the chest area on me, but some of you may not have that problem… My only other complaint was that it floated up a couple times in the water.  I just sort of tucked it in and then it was better.


I really wanted some boots to wear with skinny jeans in the winter.  I bought three with the intention to send a pair back, but in the end I decided to keep all three pairs.

My favorite of the three are the ankle booties.  They are so comfortable and go with everything!  The other two are also comfortable and nice to have on snowy days.

It was fun to shop while sitting on my couch by the fire and it was easy to return the items that didn’t fit right.  Out of 8 items that I bought, I kept 6.  That felt like pretty good results to me!

A little shopping spree now and then always help me feel nice and happy!