Painting a Bathroom Vanity

We had a leak in our upstairs bathroom, which meant that we had to cut a hole in the ceiling in our basement bathroom in order to find the leak upstairs.  And since we already had a hole in the ceiling we decided to go ahead and rip the cheap plastic shower walls off, tear the bathtub out, and remodel it all.

Sounds like the If you Give a Mouse a Cookie books, huh?? If you tear a hole in the ceiling, your going to rip the shower apart, if you tear the walls out, you might as well take out the tub, when you take out the tub you will need to replace it, after you replace the tub you will need to tile the walls, after you tile the walls you might as well tile the floors.  Now that you have nice new floors you will need a new toilet and you might as well redo the vanity.

This is our life right now, so get ready for a lot of bathroom DIY tutorials.  After tearing out the shower, we decided to paint the vanity next before we redo the floors.

My sister recently bought a house and has remodeled everything in it.  She painted her kitchen cabinets using regular latex paint in this pretty shade of gray.  So I borrowed her can of paint and quickly gave my bathroom vanity a make-over.

Here is the before






We first used KILZ as a primer to help the paint hold better.  We don’t often prime before painting, but on cabinets made from something other than real wood, we decided it would be a good idea.  We did not even take the drawers out or the door off, but I did later remove the door to do the paint.  We just removed the knobs and painted it without any other prep.  And as you can see we did not worry about covering it well, just one coat was enough.





We let that dry really good then it was time for the paint.  We used Easy Care brand.  The color is Bachelor Pad and the finish was satin.  We used a regular bristle brush and painted following the grain.  It took two coats to cover it well.









It was really a quick project that made a big difference.  The latex paint covered well and I think the knobs will help it last and hold up just fine.  Sometimes we think painting cabinets has to be a big project and a high expense, but in a bathroom it can be much more simple that we might think.

A quick and easy make over with a big difference makes me nice and happy!