St. Patrick’s Day Free Printable

It’s less than two weeks since Valentine’s Day and I already have my Valentine’s decorations down and my St. Patrick’s decorations up!  And it’s not even March yet!  I am feeling on top of it!  I like decorating for St. Patrick’s day because the time between Valentine’s Day and Easter is a bit long, so it’s nice to throw in a random holiday in there to break it up.  Plus, I think that St. Patrick’s day decorations are cute… even though I don’t get the actual holiday itself.

Several years ago, for a girl’s night (speaking of girl’s nights; you can get some great ideas here), I made this printable and had the supplies for everyone to make a St. Patrick’s day sign.  It was very cheap and easy to gather the supplies and we had a lot of fun making these.  Everyone’s turned out a little different and they all looked great.  I thought it would be good for me to learn how to post a printable on my blog, so let me know if it doesn’t work because I am still learning all this tech stuff!

First you will need to print the printable (st. patricks day) in color.  I like to go to the library and use their laser ink printer because the quality is so much better than my printer at home.

Next, you need to cut a piece of cardboard a bit larger than the paper you printed.  I wanted mine taller and just a bit wider than the printable.

The other supplies you will need are a glue gun and glue sticks, burlap (any color), shamrock decorations (shamrock wire like I used or you could get green ribbon or yarn or even the foam clover cut outs. This is where you can get creative on whatever you can find), and a few pieces of felt (different shades of green and white or black are probably the best color options.)

Here are a few links for some supplies from Amazon if you can’t make it to the dollar store or Walmart:


Start by covering your cardboard with the burlap.  I just wrapped it around onto the back and glued the corners down.









Now you just play around on the front to see where you want everything.  I didn’t glue anything down until I had it how I liked it.

If you want to make some felt flowers for this project here is a quick tutorial on how to make those.









Once you have everything placed where you like it, then start gluing it down and you are done!

Quick and easy projects that I can reuse year after year help me to feel nice and happy!  I hope you will try it out!

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