Simple DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration

Since we live in a new house this year, I have noticed that I need a few more holiday decorations.  In my old house I mostly decorated on a small console table by my front door, but in this house I have a spot upstairs and downstairs that I would like to decorate for the holidays.  I was lacking in the Valentine’s Day decor, so I made this real quick using a scrap piece of 2×6 from my balance beam project.

You could use any type of wood and any size that you have lying around.  Paint it the base color of your choice.  I chose gray.

Use a pencil to freehand draw the hearts, or if you want them perfectly symmetrical you could trace a cookie cutter or print and cut a heart to trace.


Using something straight like a ruler or book, add the lines to connect the hearts and to make the tail and point end of the arrow.








I traced my lines with a paint pen next because I was planning on painting the hearts and arrow white, but then decided to use teal.  I would recommend that you first paint it the color of your choice.









After the paint is good and dry, then you can outline everything with a paint pen.

You can be finished right here, or if you would like to distress it this would be the time to sand it down.  It was fast and easy to use this little hand sander, but you can always use a sanding block or some sand paper.








Wha La!  Done!  I also thought that I could maybe make another holiday sign on the back of this board so it can serve double duty.  I’ll be working on that idea…

Completing a simple craft in the middle of the day made me feel nice and happy.

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