I have a book for that!

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I have so many books that I love to recommend for about any type of problem I have experienced.  My friend’s are used to me saying, “I have a book for that!”  When I face any kind of trouble in life I turn to a book.  These are some of the books that have saved me during my struggles.

Book of Mormon– I literally read this book each and every day and every day, it is a life-saver.  The answer to any of my problems has been found within these pages.  You can learn more and get a free copy here.

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The Total Money Makeover- My parents gave my husband and I this book a few months after we got married and let me just say that it has been a game changer.  Rather than floundering through our money each month wondering where it went, we have been diligent (NOT perfect) “budgeters” ever since.  We give this book as a gift for every graduation and marriage we attend.  We feel that it is the best way to begin a new chapter in the adult world.




The Baby Whisperer If you are pregnant or have a newborn-toddler, then this is a must have!  I seriously referred to this book about every 5 seconds with my first baby.  After that I kinda had the systems down and only needed it a couple times a day with my other babies.  I love to give this book as a gift at baby showers.  The Baby Whisperer covers everything from how to dress your baby coming home from the hospital, to bathing, eating, sleeping, potty training and about every other detail that comes with your new role as mom.  If you are anything like me and wished that your baby had come with a users manual, then this is your kind of book!









The Entitlement TrapThis book has become my “how to” in family systems now that I have kids older than toddlers.  There are great tips in this book for toddlers as well, but when my kids got a little older I knew that I needed ideas on how to teach them to work and help around the house. This book also teaches me how to discipline and how to teach my kids values.  I have come to love these authors and I now read several of their books and listen to their podcast, “Eyres on the road.”

How to Talk to your Kids about Sex- This one is also by Richard and Lynda Eyre.  I have only used this method of teaching your kids about sex with my oldest child so far, but it was such a positive experience that I will definitely be using it with my other children.  This book is a step by step guide on how to have “the talk” with your kids.  I love that using this strategy does not make sex out to be a bad thing.  They stress how good and wonderful sex is as long as it is done in the right place with the right person under the right circumstances.  The book includes a dialog to help get you through it.  These other two books are recommended to use with this talk.  “Where did I Come From?” is used with the first talk you have with your child and the”What’s Happening to Me?” book is used a few years later.

Teaching your Children Values- This will be my last Eyre’s book I will recommend (at least for now). They touch on this concept in The Entitlement Trap, but I wanted to go further into the topic of values.  This book will help parents to focus on certain values each month throughout the year.  I love and agree with the values they have listed, but you could easily alter the values to suit you.

Toilet Training in Less than a Day– Potty training is one of those things that I believe no mom should ever have to do.  No matter how great it goes, it’s really just awful.  My mom potty trained my third child and that was the way to do it!  But if this is not an option for you then I highly recommend this book.  I did not follow every step to a T, but this gave me enough direction to help get me through those first exhausting days of potty training.  I feel like the title is a little misleading, at least in my experiences.  There were still accidents with all of my kids after half a day of potty training… PLENTY of accidents.   I feel like my kids had the concept down within a day, but it still took some practice to really get the hang of it.

The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage– My grandma gave me this book when I first got married.  She hadn’t read because as she said, “I already have this stuff down.” But she loved Dr. Laura Schlessinger, so she figured it would be a good one.  My mom also loved Dr. Laura Schlessinger, so I grew up listening to her radio station and became a fan.  This book is great for both husbands and wives to read.  She offers advice on how to start off right and how to fix things if they are not great in the way that Dr. Laura offers advice… blunt!


The Happiness Project This is my most recent book added to my “must have” list.  Gretchen Ruben shares her journey on a happiness project over one year.  She is smart and entertaining and motivating.  It was this book that helped me to have the courage to start this blog.

The Acne Cure– I have struggled with Acne pretty much my whole life.  It started when I was pretty young and has been with me ever since.  I have tried about every pill and product out there (except Rodan and Fields, but I will try that once I become a millionaire…).  Just to name a few: Retin A, birth control, Accutane (twice), alcohol, Proactive, and microdermabrasion.  Some did help.  Other’s did not. When I was about 24 years old, I came across this book and decided to try out the recommendations.  It was quite time intensive at first, but it really did help and I wished I had known about it in high school when I was at my worst.  There are not specific products you must use with this method, but specific ingredients.  And you must be consistent.  Nearly 10 years later, I am still using the same products I discovered in this book.  I still do not have perfect skin, but it is better when I stick with this plan.

The 5 Love Languages I love knowing about the 5 love languages.  I use it in all my relationships.  It helped me understand myself and what made me happy, which has been beneficial in about every aspect of my life.  I love knowing what makes my husband and children feel loved and how I can meet their needs.

The Child Whisperer- Not to be confused with The Baby Whisperer.  This is another great all around parenting book.  Carol Tuttle helps categorize kids into a type and then helps you understand that type and how to connect and relate to them.  I feel that knowing these things about my kids have improved my relationships with them.