Homemade Queso

Some days I just don’t have it in me to prepare an exquisite, well-balanced meal for my family. Hard to believe and I’m sure that most of you moms out there have no idea what I’m talking about.  But in case SOMEONE happens to relate, I thought that I needed to add this quick and easy homemade queso recipe.  When my son came home from school yesterday and smelled the aroma he ask if we were having the “dip stuff with sausage.”  After hearing my affirmative he said, “I could die” (in a good way)! He ate at least 3 helpings, but I started cleaning up at that point so he may have gone back for more. This is definitely a family favorite- everyone likes it A LOT.

A friend of mine brought this to a party I hosted several years ago as side-dish, but I now use it as a main meal.  It has protein, diary and vegetables (or maybe tomatoes are a fruit?? Did that question ever get answered??)… Any way, on certain nights we call it dinner.

The best part is that it only uses 3 ingredients!

First you brown the sausage.  I love using this awesome meat chopper thing so that I don’t get big chunks of meat.

Next, use a food processor to remove chunks from the Rotel (apparently, I’m not a chunk person)…











Now, you can dump everything into a crock pot for a few hours or cook it on the stove if you are ready to eat now.

Once it is heated through just stir together and dinner (or a great appetizer for a party) is served!

My kids were so very nice and happy during this meal, which always makes me nice and happy.

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  1. Sometimes you just want something different and quick! I might try this with browned ground beef and add a side salad.

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