Encouraging Kids to Set Goals

Are you a goal setter? I usually set new goals at the beginning of each year.  Sometimes I make it till Spring before I forget about what goals I set. One year I made a goal to go a whole year without eating chocolate (what was I thinking??).  I did surprisingly well until Mother’s Day.  My husband sent me roses from ProFlowers and they were delivered in a box to my house.  The box came while he was at work and when I opened it I found a box of chocolates included with the flowers.  I figured that my hubby must want me to break that no-chocolate goal, so I ate every one of those chocolates before he got home from work!  When he got home he apologized about sending chocolate and explained that the chocolates automatically came with the flowers.  Oops.  Well, I’m an all or nothing kind of gal, so since I had ruined my goal I just forgot about it all together.

So even though I don’t always keep my goals, I still feel like it’s important to set them.  This year I feel more goal driven than ever.  I wrote goals for physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, relationship and parenting categories. I made goals and then details about how I will achieve those goals. I also made a vision board to help me visualize some of these goals. I am using a bullet journal to track how well I do with each goal.  It’s only February, but I’m hoping that I will do better this year.  I also wanted to encourage my kids to set goals.

I bought a foam cork board at the dollar store and cut it in half.  Each of us got a half to post our goals on.  We had the kids think of goals for spiritual, character, educational, and extra-curricular categories. My husband and I asked questions and helped prompt ideas for the kids, but we really tried hard to not make suggestions.  It is hard to do, but that was our goal. Our older kids were able to come up with ideas easier than our five year old. We had them set a goal and them asked them to come up with a plan on how to achieve that goal. Their goals boards are now hanging in their rooms as a visual reminder to ask themselves how they are doing with their goals.  We haven’t done this yet, but I keep thinking it would be a good idea to give each kid one of my bullet journal pages to help them track their progress.

I hope this helps the kids to be nice and happy!

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