Why Nice and Happy?

Why The Nice and Happy Mom?  Well, I can tell you right now that it’s not because I am always nice and happy!  It sort of happened by accident, but this term “nice and happy” has become a common saying in our home.  When my oldest child was nearing the age of 2 we started putting her in timeout for normal 2 year-old things that warrant a time out.  I would sit her in a random place on the floor and say, “you can get out of time out when you are ready to be nice and happy.”  Well that just stuck.  She would sit there for awhile and then declare that she was ready to be nice and happy, then she would say what she did wrong, apologize to whomever needed it, give that person a hug and then be on her merry way.  Sometimes if she was sitting in timeout for a long time I would ask, “are you ready to be nice and happy?” and she would say, “not yet.”  Ha ha!

We have now had four kids enter the terrible two’s and all four have repeated the pattern of sitting in time out until they were ready to be nice and happy.  Occasionally, that first little girl (who is now nine) will have to sit in timeout and she will still say, “I’m ready to be nice and happy.”

So this blog is about things that help me to be a Nice and Happy Mom.  I hope you can find ways to help you feel ready to be a nice and happy mom here too.

P.S. Can you believe that any of these sweet toddlers were ever not nice and happy?? I can!!