About Me

Hi! I am a totally average stay at home mom with big ideas and sometimes with the courage to try those big ideas!  This blog is just one example of that.  I once was an elementary teacher before I entered the great unknown called motherhood!  That was 9 years ago.  Since being a SAHM I have tried my hand at selling books, babysitting, starting my own preschool, art and science classes, cleaning houses, making and selling balance beams, and now I’m ready to start my newest adventure.  I love learning and trying new things.  I am passionate about all that is going on in my life; whether that be cleaning houses, teaching preschoolers, crafting, DIY projects, parenting, budgeting, marriaging (that’s a word, right?), meal planning or exercise. I hope you will check in and see if my latest “big idea” might be of interest to you as well!