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Easy DIY felt flowers

My sister is the crafty one in our family.  She is seriously amazing with the things she can sew, decorate, DIY, and create.  In her guest room and guest bathroom she had these wild-colored picture frames on the wall and accent pillows against white walls and a white bedspread.  Then for an added pop of… Read More Easy DIY felt flowers


Homemade Queso

Some days I just don’t have it in me to prepare an exquisite, well-balanced meal for my family. Hard to believe and I’m sure that most of you moms out there have no idea what I’m talking about.  But in case SOMEONE happens to relate, I thought that I needed to add this quick and… Read More Homemade Queso


Kent Family Lasagna

When you marry into a new family you usually get to experience some new recipes. Good or bad.  Luckily, the family I married into has several easy and very yummy recipes that they’ve shared with me. My mom makes amazing lasagna.  Every year (all 30 years) that my dad coached basketball, my mom would have… Read More Kent Family Lasagna


DIY Balance Beam

This post may contain affiliate links to some of my favorite items. My daughter is a gymnast.  She seems to have a passion for gymnastics and it basically is the only thing she wants to do all day long.  Last year for Christmas Santa brought her a Jr. Kip Bar and she LOVES it!  Surprisingly,… Read More DIY Balance Beam